A downloadable five game set for Windows

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Game 1: Wars In the Heavenly Rock

Fight your way through the caves of the asteroid belt, finding yourself teleported about by a malicious adversary.

Game 2: The Lich Awakes

An undead warlord, the Lich, flips the life of the Envoy like a penny.

Game 3: Scarcity

A refractory view of famine in our midst.

Game 4: Goblin Tree

A 2 level retro sword and sorcery adventure.

Game 5: Raid and Rescue

Pull a prisoner from the castle dungeon. Includes a hang-gliding level.

The development platform was a laptop with an i3 processor. A PC computer younger than 5 years should be adequate. 

Updated Sept. 2021.



Escape - return to startup menu

F2 - toggle screen resolution menu

F5 - toggle aiming site

F6 - toggle cockpit

F7 - toggle chase view

F8 - toggle zoom view

tab,1-9,0 - select weapon

q - temporary chase view

e - temporary zoom view

r - pickup/interact

holding r - lets go/activates some doors

[,] - radar zoom out, in

w,a,d,s - movement keys

f - light

g - toggle laser site

Enter - may or may not scroll text up off the screen

z - toggle inventory view

c - jump

m - toggles map view (Games 4 & 5 only)

spacebar - toggles between weapons and deployables (moot:no deployables in the SZ5 games)

Shift key - toggles menu access

left Ctrl key - fires selected weapon


moving the mouse - controls direction

right mouse button - turbo thrust

middle mouse button - as the 'r' key

left mouse button - fires selected weapon


Get this five game set and 17 more for $42.00 CAD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$2.00 $1.00 CAD or more

In order to download this five game set you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

schizophrenia-five-windows.zip 500 MB
Version 7