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KKS is a puzzle game with spheres as the components.  Shooting a sphere collapses the sphere.  The volume of the collapsing sphere is conserved growing nearby spheres depending how close they are to the collapsing sphere.  If two spheres contact each other they both collapse unless one is less than half the radius of the other, then only the small sphere collapses.

Red spheres are denser than other spheres so when they collapse they contribute more volume.

Blue spheres are spheres placed by the player and are otherwise the same as green spheres.

The object of the game is to collapse all the spheres before running out of ammunition.

There are 19 levels.  You start the game with 3 men and gain a man every 5 levels.


< mouse> controls player view direction.

<w><s> keys <right mouse> control the forward/backward motion of the player.

<a><d> keys roll the player view.

<r>key <middle mouse> place a blue sphere at the player location.

<left mouse> fire a missile.

<F9> toggle screen buffering.

<Esc> key quits game to the main menu.


Buy Now$1.00 CAD or more

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Version 2